Start out by taking baby steps

Dream as big as you can.  Set the loftiest of goals.  But don’t start out taking steps so large that you fail to achieve those dreams and goals.  You have to take baby steps.  You learn to walk before you run.  If you start you running, will continuously fall, which will eventually lead to not achieving everything you want to accomplish.  Go ahead. Dream larger than even you could imagine.  but succeed by taking baby steps.

Always speak the truth

Good morning everyone. Always speak the truth. Oh sure from time to time there may be some hurt feelings along the way, but people will always know where you stand and how you feel. The other part of that, is by being honest you will never have any regrets and for the most part you will never have to apologize. You may have to explain sometimes if what you said was taken out of context. That still is infinitely better than people not knowing how you really feel, or what your thoughts are. Live with no regrets. Have a great day.

I want to start everybody’s day with a smile on their face. Every day should be lived to it’s fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.