Beauty is all around you

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That may or not be true.  How can you behold the beauty in anything when you’re always moving so fast.  Slow down and take the time to see the beauty that surrounds you.  It’s in the flowers and the trees.  The birds and the bees.  Everything in nature.  Beauty can be found in everyone.  Whether it’s external beauty, like someone’s smile or beautiful hair.  Or whether it’s internal beauty that comes from deep withing the soul or an amazingly large heart.  You can’t behold any of it though unless you slow down and take the time to see it and acknowledge it.

Believe you can make a difference

You are amazing. You’re strong. You’re beautiful. You’re curious. You’re adventurous. Believe in yourself all these wonderful things and more. Believe you can make a difference and you will. Believe you can change the world and you will. Listen not to those who always say you can’t. Make it your mission to show them that you can. Why? Because…YOU CAN!!!! Just believe.

Who or what motivates or inspires you?

Who in your life inspires you to be a better person?  What motivates you to try a little harder? To not give up.  If it’s a person, identify what it is about them that inspires you and what it is about them that you would love to emulate.  Make a point of incorporating that into your own life.  Whether it’s a person in your life or an event in your life doesn’t matter.  Just make sure you use it to your advantage and do more good.  It will make your life and the lives of everyone around you better.


Waking up every day is like winning the lottry

Getting up every day and being ungrateful or unhappy is like winning a million dollars and being angry that you didn’t win more. Every single day that you wake up is just like winning the lottery my friends. You have been given another day to taste, touch, hear, feel, and so much more. Another day to tell people you love them and hear others say I love you. One more day to experience all the things life has to offer. Why in the world are you ungrateful and unhappy about winning the daily lottery. Just remember to spread the love around and don’t spend all your winnings in one place.

Leave your positive footprint

Each and every day we have an opportunity.  An opportunity to leave a positive footprint on those around us.  Why not do it.  The world is such a better place when we make the choice to go through our daily lives doing good and being kind.  And the thing is, it doesn’t have to be huge things.  Little things that touch people in some way.  Things that just made their day a little better.  Holding the day for someone, or buying a cup of coffee for someone, or giving a warm smile or compliment to someone.  These are all such small gestures that make a big difference.  Go ahead.  Make the choice to make a small difference in someone’s day.


Do not live to impress others

The only one you need to impress is you. Don’t live to impress others. Live to impress yourself. What other people think of you is of no consequence. What you think of yourself is highly important. Live for yourself. Live not for others. Those willing to accept you for who you are will flock to you and stand by your side. The others don’t matter. Live your life, your way. You owe it to yourself.

From every negative there comes a positive

Out of every negative experience, bad experience, or tragedy in life, comes something good. It may be an experience that only affected you and/or your family. Something that was life changing and eye opening. It made you better and stronger. And through your experience you tell your story and help countless others. Or maybe it’s a tragic event that affected hundreds or thousands of people. It brings out the good in people. Strangers helping strangers. Everyone giving back and giving more than they have themselves. It brings out the good in humanity. Always find the good buried within the bad. There is always a silver lining.

Real strength is asking for help

The strongest people I know are not the ones that show their strength physically.  They are those people that are going through mental and emotional anguish and pain.  For so many, it is a time when they withdraw into a dark place, don’t want to socialize or be around family or friends, and try and conquer the pain and grief on their own.  The strong ones though realize that they cannot deal with it alone.  It takes so much strength to pick up the phone and ask for help.  It doesn’t matter whether you reach out to a friend, family member, loved one or professional.  What’s important is that you do reach out and get the support you need.  You are strong.


I want to start everybody’s day with a smile on their face. Every day should be lived to it’s fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.