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Live a stress free life

Stress is so counter productive to everything.  First of all, we are the only people that put stress on ourselves.  When we do feel stressed, we don’t think of function in a rational manner.  That in and of itself makes it even more difficult to handle whatever it is that you’ve got yourself stressed out over.  Take a deep breath.  Take a step back.  Get a fresh prospective on what’s going on, and then take charge of the situation and handle it.  You got this.


Don’t stress yourself out

It is so pointless to get ourselves all worked up and stressed out about things we cannot control.   And yes, we do stress ourselves out.  No one, and no one thing puts stress on us.  We are totally responsible for imposing stress on ourselves.  Stop it now.  Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Analyze things.  Control what you can and let the rest fall where they may.  Then, rinse and repeat.  DON’T STRESS, DON’T STRESS, DON’T STRESS!!!!!


Stress is manufactured by ourselves

No one thing or person has the authority to put any stress on us.  Nothing but out own doing can add any stress to our lives.  Stress doesn’t just show up.  It’s manufactured.  Who manufactures it?  We do!!!!   We are the manufacturers of our own stress.  Just take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Let everything roll off.  Go ahead.  Let it go and breathe easy.


You don’t have to weather the storm

When it feels like life is raining on our parade, don’t let it.  When that black cloud is following us from one place to another and we can’t seem to find the sun, welcome it.  Sometimes in order to see the sun we must first learn to dance in the rain.  You don’t need to weather the storm or try and ride it out.  Rather, turn on the music and dance in the rain.  The sun soon will follow.  Go ahead.  Kick up your heels, sing to the music and let the rain fall while you dance.  Who cares if you get a little wet.  The sun will be warm and dry you soon enough.


Stress is self induced

Often times you hear people all around talking about how stressed out they are because of things going on in their lives.  But why?  Being stressed out is a choice, just like choosing to be mad, or sad, or happy.  These are emotions and feelings that we control and we choose to be or not to be.  The funny thing is, most of the time when people talk about being stressed, it’s usually over stuff in their lives they can’t control anyway.  So don’t waste that energy.  It’s negative energy and it’s not healthy.  It can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even strokes.  Let the chips fall where they may.  Recognize what you can control and do it.  Let the rest go.