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Strength is more than physical

If you find yourself the lone tree, so to speak, standing in the forest after a disaster, It’s going to take a lot more than just physical strength to get through it.  You need to be emotionally tough and mentally strong.  You must have fa great mindset.  Find strength where you can and never let your mind falter.  Let no one knock you down, and if they do, get right back up.  Stand tall.  Be strong.  Be tough.  Persevere.  The only muscle you need to be strong is your mind.


Courage is not being strong

It takes far more strength and courage to admit that we are not strong than to pretend that we are.  It takes courage to admit we need help and to ask for it.  First we recognized and acknowledged that we were not strong.  Then, even more important, we admitted it to someone else publicly.  And even more amazing than that, we asked for help.  That my friends takes true strength and true courage.  Go ahead.  Be strong enough to admit that you are not strong.  It will be uplifting.


Strength is not just physical

Don’t be confused by the word strength.  Don’t think it only applies to one’s physical stature.  You know, pecs, biceps, and so on.  Strength is reality is so much more than that.  Think about all the people you know that have experienced some horrific tragedy.  Whether it’s a natural disaster or something else.  Maybe someone had to rebuild their entire life after a tragic accident.  What about people battling some horrific disease like cancer, and doing it with a smile on their face.  Imagine people that are suffering themselves and yet still find a way to help others in need.  All of these things and so many more exhibit true strength.  NOT the ability to do push ups.


Challenges in life are not meant to break us down

Challenges in our lives and not put there to break us down.  They are there for us to learn from.  Each time there is a challenge in our lives we are tasked with how to defeat or get through the challenge.  How do we come out on top?  How do we overcome?  Once we have beaten a few challenges, we are so much better equipped to handle and beat any other challenge that comes our way.  And they will come.  But you are strong, resourceful, smart, and able to come out on top smelling like a rose.  All your previous challenges have prepared you for the ultimate challenge, whatever, and whenever that may be.  You got this.


Crying is not a sign of weakness

Crying out loud for the world to see is not a weakness.  In fact it is far from it.  We all can be broken down.  We all have struggles and pains.  It takes true strength however to cry in front of the world.  To admit that we are not perfect and there are challenges ahead.  Even to ask for help to get ourselves through.  Be not afraid to cry in public.  For those that do, show their true strength.


It’s how far you’ve come that matters

Each and every day we get up and we continue our climb up that mountain of life.  At times we stop and take a look up towards the top of that mountain.  At times the mountain seems even higher than it did before.  So much so that you can’t even see the top.  You’re exhausted and exasperated.  You feel like you come so far and yet you haven’t made a dent in your journey.  In those times, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, turn around and look behind you.  For it is in that moment that you will find yourself in awe.  You will see how far you have already come.  And, you’ll realize that’s what is important and you’ll forget all about how far you have to go.  For it’s how far you’ve already come that’s really important.  Keep the journey going.  You’re truly amazing.


The strongest people are emotionally strong

The strongest people I know, are not necessarily strong in terms of physical stature.  They are however the strongest people around when it comes to mental and emotional strength.  For they have been as low as you can possibly get.  They have traveled to the deepest of all depths.  Rock bottom hit so hard that most people wouldn’t get back up.  And yet, these people had the ability to recognize that they needed help, and had the courage to summon the help they needed.  Understanding they could not recover alone, they found the strength within to reach out for help.  That my friends is true strength.


Pain is meant to make you stronger

When we encounter pain, no matter what kind, it is not meant to break you down.  It is not meant to hurt you, even though you may feel some hurt.  But rather, it is meant to teach you just how strong you really are.  It is meant for you to take away from it a lesson.  Something that you will carry with you forever.  It will help you through future endeavors in the future that may hurt you.  But they will not hurt as much if you can reach back and dig deep and take from what you learned before to get you through this.


You are never given more than you can handle

Always remember that no matter how bad things get, we are never given more than we can handle.  The times that seem completely overwhelming.   Everything happens at the same time.  It feels like the walls are crumbling all around us.  The darkness is getting worse.  And yet we always come out the other side.  Not necessarily unscathed, but stronger and better than we were before.  Never lose faith.  Never give up hope.  You are stronger than you know.