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You are in control

Everything we do is a choice.  Including and especially our attitudes.  It’s a choice to feel happy, sad, angry, frustrated, mad, confused or anything else.  It’s a choice to react or not to react to what other people say or do.  It’s also our choice how we react.  Make the right choice.  Don’t let others push your buttons.  Your in control.  Stay that way.


You decide

All of things you feel are choices.  You get to decide what to feel and when.  It’s not what happens to you or around you that matters.  What does count is how you react.  It’s a choice to be mad, or sad, or angry, or frustrated, or happy.  Choose to be happy.  Choose not to react to things.  Choose not to give anyone the satisfaction of a reaction.  That’s what they’re looking for, and you’re better than that.


You must own your choices

Don’t play the blame game when it comes to your choices.  Don’t say this person or that said you should make this choice.  In the end it was your decision to make one choice or another.  If it turns out to be a great choice, own it.  If it turns out really poorly or bad, own it.  You made the choice.  You must accept the consequences that come with your choices no matter what they are.  Choose wisely my friends.  Choose wisely.


Making mistakes only proves that you’re human

It’s not the end of the world when you make a mistake.  Oh sure there are those people that like to make you feel like it is, but it’s our responsibility not to listen to their rhetoric.  Every one of us, (including the people verbally attacking you) have made mistakes.  All it proves is that we are human.  We’ve made mistakes before, and we’ll make them again.  It’s all part of the learning curve in this thing we call life.  Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Analyze what happened.  Understand what happened.  Correct it if you can.  Do the best you can moving forward.  You’re human.  You’ll make mistakes.  Own it.


Pick your battles

It’s not important to be right all the time.  That leads to constantly picking battles or arguments with people constantly.  Some people do it regardless of the issue or how small it is.  It’s not worth all that energy.  Choose your battles wisely.  Choose the ones that are large and of consequence.  Otherwise, you’re going to wake up one day and realize there is no one left to take on because they all avoid you like the plague.  It’s just not worth it.


It’s your choice

All day, every day things are going to happen.  Things that will try and disrupt your day.  It’s your choice how you choose to handle it though.  You can react.  You can be defensive.  Or, you can just let it play out and then handle it appropriately.  It really is a choice how we handle things that happen almost on a daily basis.  I know you.  I know you’re better than defensive.  And I know you’re better than reactionary.  Don’t be baited into reacting in a manner that is beneath you.  You’re better than that.  Do the right thing.  It’s your choice.


Be positive and watch it rub off on others

Be positive. It’s a choice. You can get up every morning and be negative about everything going on in your life or about what the day ahead has in store, or you can get up every day and be positive and happy to be alive. So here’s what happens. You get up and you’re negative. Which also means you’re cranky and upset. Nobody wants to be around you because of the vibe you’re giving off. And you’re bringing everyone down. Get up and be positive it’s totally the opposite. You’re happy and cheerful. People want to surround you because of the great vibes you’re giving off. Everyone is smiling and laughing. I don’t know a about you, but I’ll take positive all day long. Go ahead. Make the positive choice. It is a choice.

You have a choice to make each day

Everything you do from the moment you wake up each day is a choice. From the moment you open your eyes, you choose to be happy, sad, angry, mad, or grumpy. You choose whether to go through your day with a great attitude or a crappy one. You choose whether or not to let things going on around you affect you or your mood or attitude. You choose whether to be kind or mean. Yes my friends. It’s all up to you. So why not choose to be happy, and jolly, and laugh. Always find the bright side in everything. It’s your choice.