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Sometimes we need to change

There are not many things in our lives that remain constant.  Change is the one thing that does remain constant.  There is always change.  Technology is changing.  Job skill requirements are changing.  The housing market is changing.  People in our lives change as they move in and out of our lives at various points in our lives.  And yet, we resist change.  We don’t want to change.  We like things the way they are.  Change however is a necessity or we will be left behind.  As that happens, we stand all alone because everyone around us has adapted to the change and moved on.  Change can be scary, but don’t make it so.  Make it fun.  Embrace it.  turn it into a challenge that you can conquer.  Yes my friends.  Sometimes we need to change for our own good so we don’t get lost living in the past.  Go ahead  Embrace the change,