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Don’t go through it alone

Accept that you don’t have to go through life’s challenges alone.  The key to remember is to not shut people out when times are tough, or challenging, or overwhelming.  We all need someone to lean on.  But we have to invite them and invite them to support us instead of shutting them out.  Go ahead.  cry on someone’s shoulder.  They may need you to return the favor some day.


We are our own worst enemy

Think about how many times we talk ourselves right out of something.  We decided we wanted to do something.  To embark on a journey.  We believed we could.  Even more, we knew that we could.  Then, we started listening to the little voices in our head along with the voices of others that all said “you can’t do that”.  Get out of your head.  Don’t let others get in your head.  You can do what you set your mind to.


Challenges make us stronger

Each time we conquer a challenge in our life, it makes us better prepared to handle the next one that comes along.  Trust me the next one will come along.  Sometimes they come one at a time, and sometimes they come in waves.  Just think back to previous challenges that have popped up in your lives and the parallels drawn between the last one and the new one.  Draw on your strength and knowledge from overcoming previous challenges in your life and apply it to the new challenge.  Nothing is ever meant to break you down.  Rather, each challenge we face is meant to build us up, make us stronger, and be better able to face, handle, and overcome the next challenge regardless of it’s size.  By now, you’re a pro.  You can overcome anything.  You got this.  You’re strong.  Get out there and show them how it’s done.


The only one holding you back is you

Step up to the plate and get it done.  People are constantly trying to influence you and your decisions.  It’s your decision and no one else’s.   It’s okay to ask for people’s opinions or advice, but at the end of the day it’s up to you.  Only you can hold yourself back or keep yourself down.   Step up to the plate.  Swing for the fences.  Hit a home run.  Oh, look at that.  You did it.  You’re a rock star.


Challenges are not meant to break you down

Why do you break down when you are faced with challenges?  Oh sure they can be painful and they can hurt.  But they are not meant to break you down.  Challenges are meant to challenge you to overcome, to be stronger and better than you were before.  You will be faced with many challenges of all kinds throughout your life.  Learn from each one.  Take each experience and apply it to the next challenge when it comes along.  And, it will come along.  Cry if you need to.  Scream if you need to.  Talk to friends if you need to.   But do not let if break you down.  You are far stronger than even you know.


You don’t have to weather the storm

When it feels like life is raining on our parade, don’t let it.  When that black cloud is following us from one place to another and we can’t seem to find the sun, welcome it.  Sometimes in order to see the sun we must first learn to dance in the rain.  You don’t need to weather the storm or try and ride it out.  Rather, turn on the music and dance in the rain.  The sun soon will follow.  Go ahead.  Kick up your heels, sing to the music and let the rain fall while you dance.  Who cares if you get a little wet.  The sun will be warm and dry you soon enough.


Do that which you have been told you cannot do

Believe in yourself enough to do that which you have been told you cannot do.  Have the strength and mindset to power through.  Don’t listen to those who say it will never work, or you can’t do it.  You can do it.  You can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you don’t listen to or believe any of the naysayers.  Take massive action and prove everyone but yourself wrong.  Prove yourself right.  Why?  Because you can.


Challenges are not meant to break us down

Contrary to many peoples’ beliefs, challenges are meant to build us up, make us stronger, and make us wiser.  Challenges are not meant to break us.  Each challenge is something that we can come through, learn from, and walk away stronger from.  The only way challenges can ever break us is if we roll over and play dead.  Don’t do that.  You will encounter a lot more than just one challenge in your life.  Don’t just roll over and play dead every time.  It accomplishes nothing, and you learn nothing and don’t grow as a person if you do that.  Tackle each challenge head on and come out the other side victorious.  You can do it.


Challenges in life are not meant to break us down

Challenges in our lives and not put there to break us down.  They are there for us to learn from.  Each time there is a challenge in our lives we are tasked with how to defeat or get through the challenge.  How do we come out on top?  How do we overcome?  Once we have beaten a few challenges, we are so much better equipped to handle and beat any other challenge that comes our way.  And they will come.  But you are strong, resourceful, smart, and able to come out on top smelling like a rose.  All your previous challenges have prepared you for the ultimate challenge, whatever, and whenever that may be.  You got this.