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You are different and you are beautiful

How boring it would be if we were all the same.  We need to embrace all of our differences.  Be proud of all of our differences.  Be happy we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.  Get excited about our individuality.  It is your individuality, your own special personality, beauty, and uniqueness that makes you who you are.  Why would you want to be like anyone else?  Embrace yourself and who you are.  Embrace your beauty and flaunt it for the world to see.  Just do you.  It looks great on you.


Be beautiful inside

While it’s nice to be beautiful on the outside, because everyone wants to be beautiful on the outside, it’s infinitely more important to be beautiful on the inside.  Your heart and your soul, and what they are and represent are far more important than your nose, or your smile and what they represent.  Far more people will flock to a beautiful heart than a beautiful nose.  Go ahead.  Shine from the inside out.


Laugh and smile daily

When you smile it is so beautiful and warm.  People are drawn to you because of it’s radiant beauty.  When you laugh, your laughter is infectious.  People are drawn to you because when you laugh they begin to laugh as well.  And then the cycle continues with them.  And as each one of us smiles and laughs we draw in even more people.  It is infectious and contagious.  Soon the whole world is warm with smiles and happy with laughter.  Keep on smiling and laughing.  That’s one disease I want to catch.


Just do you

Why be anyone else?  Why be a copycat?  You’re beautiful, individual and original.  Living a life or being what others want you to be will make them happy, but will make you miserable.  Follow your dreams.  Live your life.  Be you.  Those that are willing to accept you for the beauty that you possess in your own way will be there and support you.  Those that don’e can be expunged.  You don’t need people bringing you down because you don’t conform to what they want.  Go ahead.  Be your beautiful self.


We are beautiful in our own way

Every single one of us is beautiful in our own way.  For some of us it is our heart and soul that is beautiful.  For others it’s a beautiful smile or mesmerizing eyes.  For still others it is their infectious laugh that makes everyone else laugh as well.  And for some they have the whole package.  The inside and the outside.  We all are beautiful in some way.  Always find the beauty in someone.  Then, make their day by telling them how beautiful they are.  It’s a win, win for everyone.  They feel good for receiving the compliment, and you feel good for the way you made them feel.


Beauty is more than what’s on the outside

Beauty is not your hair or your nose, or your eyes or smile.  True beauty shines and radiates from the inside out.  When you have a beautiful soul, you are beautiful.  When you have a beautiful heart, you are beautiful.  When you give of yourself to others, you are beautiful.  All the makeup in the world cannot make an ugly person on the inside beautiful on the outside.  It doesn’t matter what the wrapping looks like.  Be beautiful on the inside and let your beauty radiate.


Listen not to those who judge

When you speak ill of others, you say more about yourself than you do the people you speak of.  It says you are vulnerable.  You are insecure.  You need to put others down to feel good about yourself.  It’s not okay to try and break others down to boost your own self esteem, or to make you feel good about yourself.  Try being nice.  Try being kind.  Try being uplifting.  Those things alone will make you feel better about yourself.  Others will also see you in a different light.  They will in turn boost you up.  It’s a win, win for everyone.


We are all beautiful in our own way

All of us on this planet are beautiful in our own way.  We are human beings, who breathe the same planet earth air.  We all have a heart, and lungs, and a soul, and we bleed the same color.  Not one of us is exactly alike.  It is those differences that make us beautiful.  Our differences give us uniqueness and individuality.  Those differences allow our own beauty to shine through.  Own yours, and let your beauty shine for the world to see.


Beauty is more than skin deep

You are beautiful and amazing.  The gift you bring to others will never be forgotten.  You are beautiful from the inside out.  You make others laugh when they are sad.  You make people smile when they frown.  You turn that frown upside down. You make people feel good about themselves with your words and your gestures.  You are undeniably beautiful.  We are all beautiful in our own way.  Beauty is not about what we look like on the outside.  Beauty is who we are as a person, and how we touch others and make them feel.  You are more beautiful than you will ever know.