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It’s a good day for a good day.

Every day is a good day to be a good day.  Why?  because we are still alive.  We have been given another opportunity to smell the roses.  Appreciate the little things.  Connect with those you love one more time.  Appreciate the little things,  Understanding that life is short and there are no guarantees.  Relish every opportunity because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Go ahead.  Make today a good day.


Find the silver lining

When we focus on negative, we get negative.  When we focus on positive, we get positive.  You get what you manifest in your thoughts.  So why would you see everything as negative when you can choose to see everything as positive.  Choose your thoughts.  Choose your outcome.


Be positive. Not negative

You are blessed in ways you can’t even imagine.  You are blessed in ways you choose not to acknowledge.  Only because you don’t see it.  Open your eyes to all the positive and wonderful things that surround you.  Focus not on the negative, but rather, on all the positive that is in your life.  You are truly blessed.  Do not discount that by focusing on the wrong things in your life.


What happens isn’t as important as what you do with what happens

We have two options as we go through life.  As things come up in our lives, or as things happen to us, we can either play the role of the victim and complain, or you can do exactly the opposite.  You can take everything that  happens and turn it into a positive learning experience.  Learn from what happened and use it to make you better and stronger than you were before.  Use your experiences to help others as they go through their own difficult times.  You’re amazing.


People with disabilities are no less human

People with disabilities are no less human than the rest of us.  In fact, most people with disabilities are more human.  They have more heart than ten people not disabled.  Most people that are disabled or challenged in some way get up every day happy to be alive.  For they know what is to have suffered.  The rest of us take life for granted.  We look at people with challenges as less than human.  Or inferior to able bodied people.  In fact, it is our attitudes that make us more challenged than those with disabilities.  Make it your mission to be more compassionate and to learn from those with disabilities.  You will be better off for it.


You determine how high you fly

It’s an old saying and maybe even a cliche.  Your attitude determines your latitude.  How high you fly is all determined by you, your attitude, your mindset, and the people you surround yourself with.  It you surround yourself with bottom feeders, people that aren’t successful, constantly complain, and don’t aspire to change their situation, then you’re going to become most like them.  If however you get up happy to be alive, ready to greet the day and embrace what it throws at you, and hang around inspiring and successful people, then that’s what you will emulate most.  That’s right.  Your attitude and the people you surround yourself with will determine who you become and how high you fly.  It’s a choice.  It’s not by chance that things happen.  And, the choice is yours.  Make the right one.


Attitude is everything

Your day to day attitude determines your life.  You can get up every day being angry and not wanting to get out of bed or go to work.  And if you do that, every day will be miserable.  That will absolutely shine through to co workers as well as friends.  Eventually you will be such a downer that no one will want to be around you.  If however you get up every day just happy to be alive, every day will be good and people will flock to you because of your great attitude.  So go ahead.  Get your good attitude on.