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Don’t alienate everyone

When you wake up each day choosing to be angry, bitter, mad at the world , and choosing to play the role of the victim in everything, all you do is push people away from you.  People stop calling you.  They don’t want to be around you or socialize with you.  They go to gatherings without you, or don’t invite you.  What you have done is to create a very lonely existence for yourself.  Why would anyone choose to live like that.  Even if you’re not the quintessential social butterfly, at least choose to be social.


Don’t bury your head in the sand

We run from things and bury our heads in the sand because we don’t want to deal with them.  But as we run, all it does is exacerbate the situation.  Don’t let situations break you down.  Face them head on.  Tackle them like a pro.  Feel the sense of accomplishment.  Realize how much more equipped to handle any other thing that life throws at you now.  There’s nothing you can’t handle.  You got this this.  Now pull your head out of the sand and go get it.


Accentuate the positive

How we come through things depends largely on what we see in the event that happens.  No matter how tragic, we have the choice (and it is a choice) to focus on all the negative aspects of the situation, or we can find and accentuate whatever positives there are.  No matter how bad, there is always a silver lining if we take the time to look for it.  Go ahead.  Take the time to find it.  It makes all the difference in how well you recover and come out the other side.


How you react makes all the difference

When stuff happens, we have the choice to make the best of a not so good situation, or we can lay on the ground like a toddler, yelling, screaming, kicking our legs, and throwing a tantrum.  I think the latter of the two doesn’t really achieve or accomplish much at all.  Of course it does create some embarrassment for everyone around.  Be the level headed adult that you are and make lemonade  out of lemons and smiles out of limes.  Don’t be the infant that nobody wants to be around.  It’s really not becoming on you at all,


Everyone’s got an attitude

Control what you can.   Don’t worry about what you can’t.  What you can control is your attitude.  Every morning when you wake up you have the choice to be happy or not.  Yes, it’s a choice, and yes, it’s your choice.  No other person on this planet controls your attitude but you.  So go ahead.  Make the choice to have a good attitude.


Just walk away

Why do we surround ourselves with, or hang out with people that bring us down or don’t make us feel good.  Is it out of pity because you don’t want them to feel bad that they have no one else to hang out with.  There’s a reason they don’t have anyone else to hang around with.  It’s their attitude and mindset.  They have the power to change it.  Stop now.  Eventually we become the people that we hang around with the most.  So choose to walk away from all the drama and negativity.  Choose to surround yourself with people that are upbeat, happy, full of joy, and make you laugh.  You’ll be better off for it.


The only one holding you back is you

Step up to the plate and get it done.  People are constantly trying to influence you and your decisions.  It’s your decision and no one else’s.   It’s okay to ask for people’s opinions or advice, but at the end of the day it’s up to you.  Only you can hold yourself back or keep yourself down.   Step up to the plate.  Swing for the fences.  Hit a home run.  Oh, look at that.  You did it.  You’re a rock star.


You get what you give

If we think in terms of you get what you give, then why wouldn’t we all want to be kind, thoughtful, giving, loving, and happy?  We should all want to do this.  Think about what a wonderful world this would be if we were all generous and giving of ourselves.  Giving doesn’t have to be monetary in nature.  Some people can’t afford to do that, but they can give in other ways.  Volunteer, or bake some cookies for your friends or co workers.   Just do what you can to be a good human being.  It will all come back to you in time.


Your attitude is everything

Your attitude, and yours alone will determine how your day, your week, your month are going to go.  If you greet each day with a positive attitude, a positive outlook, and just happy to be alive, you are going to attract a better day to yourself along with people that are happier and who want to be surrounded by your positive energy.  On the other hand, if you are negative and grumpy, not happy or have a bad attitude just the opposite will happen.  You will in fact deter anybody from wanting to be around you or interact with you.  Nobody deserves that treatment.  And, I’m sure you don’t want to feel alone or alienated.  Change your attitude and change your latitude.


Your attitude determines everything

If it is known that your attitude determines your latitude, then why not have an attitude that lifts you as high as you can go.  Don’t get up every morning regretting what the day has in store for you.  Instead, get up every morning ready to greet the day.  Be excited for whatever is in store for you.  Your mindset is your choice.  How high do you want to soar?