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Sometimes, just say nothing

There is nothing you say that is louder, than saying nothing at all.  It is so loud that it is almost deafening.  People can’t stand it when you don’t say anything.  People love it when you have an opinion and speak it.  They try and use your own words against you to prove their point.  When they can’t do that they are infuriated.  Keep quiet.  It’s both maddening and deafening.


Set goals not resolutions

Goals and resolutions.  Many of us think of them as pretty much the same.thing.  But how often do we really accomplish the New Years resolutions we make.  Sometimes we do, but I would venture to say not often.  A goal though is something that most of think of as achievable.  We work on it every day.  It may be a lofty goal with many smaller goals set in place to eventually achieve that larger goal.  We write our goals down and put them on the bathroom mirror or the fridge so we’re forced to look at it every day.  Take action on it every day.  Visualize it every day.  Before you know it, that goal just became a reality.  You did it.  You achieved it.  Time to set a new goal.


Your actions create reactions

Whether it’s intentional or not, we often hurt others with out actions.  Often times, it is people that are closet to us that we hurt.  Think before you act my friends.  Your actions don’t always affect you and you alone.  Often times there are ripple affects.  And those my friends affect all kinds of people that surround you and support you in your life.  You wouldn’t intentionally want to hurt these people, but do to your lack of foresight and forethought you do.  The actions may not even have been intentional.  They may have been totally spontaneous and in the moment.  That doesn’t take away the hurt your actions caused though.  It doesn’t make it hurt or sting any less.  Think before you hurt.  Think before you act.  You’ll be glad you did.


Be careful what you think

As you think, speak, and act, you reap upon yourself.  Think about that as you begin, to form thoughts, formulate your words, and then carry out your actions.  What you reap you sow.  As you act towards others, they will then act towards you.  Choose wisely exactly how you think about others, speak about others, and act towards others.  It will be exactly reciprocated towards you.


Making mistakes only proves that you’re human

It’s not the end of the world when you make a mistake.  Oh sure there are those people that like to make you feel like it is, but it’s our responsibility not to listen to their rhetoric.  Every one of us, (including the people verbally attacking you) have made mistakes.  All it proves is that we are human.  We’ve made mistakes before, and we’ll make them again.  It’s all part of the learning curve in this thing we call life.  Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Analyze what happened.  Understand what happened.  Correct it if you can.  Do the best you can moving forward.  You’re human.  You’ll make mistakes.  Own it.


Be careful what you think

What you think is so important.  Believe it or not it affects the lives of everyone around you and people you may not even know.  People that are friends or relatives of the people around you.  What you think becomes words.  Words become actions.  Those actions affect so many.  Like rings on the water when something hits it.  Starting small and then creating larger and larger rings in an outward motions.  So think things that are only positive, inspiring, and uplifting.  Because those are the things that will become your actions.  Think only good thoughts of others or don’t think about them at all, because those will become your words towards them.  Those words will not only affect their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.  So make sure you are only responsible for lifting them up and not bringing them down.  What you think DOES make a difference.