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We all bleed the same color

We are all one kind. Human kind. We have no say in where we are born. or who we are born to. We are all human beings though, we all bleed the same color, and we deserve to be treated with respect. Just because we look different, were born in a different country, or speak a different language, does not make us any less human. Do not pre judge someone because they look different. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated and the world will be a much better place.

Hug your loved ones

Life is so short.  Life is to be lived by the seat of our pants.  Full of adventures, goals, and dreams.  Life should be full of giving, love, and laughter.  Never squander an opportunity to say I love you to someone.  You never know when it may be the last time you get to say it.  Don’t go to bed mad.  Always hug, hold, kiss, and love.  Live life to the fullest every day of your life.


Follow the road less traveled

We start out young. And as we get older there are more and more choices to be made. Do I go straight to college? Do I take a year off? Do I go to a junior college first? Do I not go to college at all? Of course these are just some examples of when we are young, and the choices become more as we get older. They also become more complex. Always make the choice that is right for you. Don’t let pear pressure, or pressure from parents, friends or anyone else sway your decision. Sometimes, the road far less traveled is the road that should be traveled. Follow your heart. Not the hearts and minds of others.

Today is called the present for a reason

Today is called the present for a reason.  Yesterday is gone.  It’s part of the past and cannot be changed or altered.  In fact, 10 seconds ago is part of the same.  The future hasn’t arrived yet and isn’t even guaranteed.  But today, the present, is a gift.  It has been given to us one more time to enjoy.  And do just that.  Enjoy it and live it to the fullest.  Make the most out of every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  Because the next minute is not guaranteed.  You have been given a gift.  Don’t squander it.


When the wheels come off, slow down

You’re cruising along, everything’s going great and all of a sudden the wheel comes off. Or you hit a speed bump you didn’t see in front of you. Don’t freak out. Don’t get upset. Don’t throw a tantrum. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at the signs. Something’s telling you it’s time to slow down and re evaluate the direction you’re heading and the speed you’re traveling at. Take the time to really smell the roses and make any appropriate changes

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Oh I know, there are definitely some procrastinators out there. Do today what you can. You may not get a tomorrow. How sad would that be. No more I love you’s. No more children to hug in the morning or at bed time. No more great adventures with the one or the ones you love. Do it today. Live life the only way it should be lived

We could all learn something from animals

We could all take a lesson from animals when it comes to unconditional love.  Think about it  They don’t care where we come from, or what language we speak, or the color of our skin.  They just love us unconditionally.  They know we all bleed the same color.  If we step outside the door for 5 minutes to take out the trash or say hi to a neighbor, or get the mail, they act as though we have been gone for a year.  They are that excited to see us when we come back in. I think we all learn something from their behavior.  Be less judgmental, and be more loving.  Even if it’s not unconditional like our animals, it’s a start.


Learn from the events in your life

Throughout our lives we deal with many, many events. There are births and deaths. Make ups and break ups. Marriages and divorces. Illnesses, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, and so much more. The key, or important thing is that we make each and every event a learning experience. Take away from every event something that will make us wiser, better, and stronger than we were before