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You allow your treatment

People will treat you exactly how you allow them to treat you.  If you don’t want to be treated like you’re less than, put a stop to it.  If you don’t like it when people talk down to you, then stand up to them.  You don’t like the way people treat you, let them know their treatment of you is unacceptable.  If you don’t speak up and educate others as to how it’s appropriate to treat you, then people will think it’s okay to walk all over you…and they will.  You have the power.  Put a stop to it now., or prepare to be walked all over.


We all have the same amount of time

Every single person on this planet has the same 24 hours in a day.  Yet some people accomplish infinitely more in the same 24 hours than others.  Why is that?  Are some people more motivated than others?  Do some people have better time management skills than others?  Or, do some people just not care about their time as much as others?  Well I’m here to tell you, once time is gone, you can’t get it back.  Stop wishing your life away  Don’t squander your time.  Take full advantage of every last minute you have.  While we all have the same amount time in a day, we don’t all have the same amount of time on this planet.  Some will leave here long before others.  Don’t assume you know how much time you have here.  No one knows the answer to that question.


No Pain, No Gain

Nobody likes pain.   Regardless of the type of pain.  Why?  Because it hurts.  It doesn’t matter if the pain is physical, mental, emotional, or heartbreak, it hurts.  Sometimes though, we actually need to suffer that pain in order to begin the healing process.  While no one likes the suffering that goes along with the feeling of pain, everyone loves the feel when we have pushed through the pain and come out the other side stronger and better than before.  Go ahead.  Push through it.  You are that good.  You are that strong.


Everyone’s got an attitude

Control what you can.   Don’t worry about what you can’t.  What you can control is your attitude.  Every morning when you wake up you have the choice to be happy or not.  Yes, it’s a choice, and yes, it’s your choice.  No other person on this planet controls your attitude but you.  So go ahead.  Make the choice to have a good attitude.


You should be your best friend

You should always, always be your first and best friend.  You live in your skin every single day.   You wake up in your skin, shower in your skin, go to work in your skin, work out in your skin, relax in your skin, and so much more,  The point is, you spend more time with yourself then anyone else.  So get to know yourself well, and become your very own best friend.  You can’t like others until you like yourself.  You can’t truly love another until you love yourself.  Go ahead.  The next time someone asks you who your best friend is, answer with,  “I am my own best friend.”


Don’t let distance determine the friendship

Just because one friend lives closer to us then another one doesn’t mean the closer friend is the better friend.  The distance between two people should not dictate or determine the friendship.  There are some bonds or friendships that are so strong, that no matter the distance they will always be there for you.  No matter what.  Those are your true friends.  Not the friend that lives next door just because they live closer.   In fact, most next door neighbors are more like acquaintances then friends.  You wave at each other and exchange pleasantries from your own driveways.  You never really get together though unless it’s some kind of block holiday party or something.  Always remember who your true friends are.


There is no failure in trying

Failure lies not in trying and not succeeding in your efforts.  Failure is in not having the courage to try at all.  If you fail to try, then you have failed indeed.  If you try and fail, you have already succeeded because you had the courage to try.  Don’t give up.  Take what you learned from your first attempt and try again with knowledge you learned from your first attempt.  Take what worked and what didn’t work and make the necessary adjustments to your next attempt.   You are a huge success.


Give, love, trust, listen

I would venture to say that 98% of us are good human beings.  Then are the folks that go even beyond being good, to great.  They give of themselves even if leaves them without.  They love without question.  They listen without speaking.  And they trust when there is no obligation to do so.  Those are the people that get taken advantage of.  Be that amazing human being, but watch your back and don’t let others take advantage of you.  You are amazing and deserve to be rewarded for your selflessness.


The same loss is different

When two people suffer the same loss, it’s important to remember that even though you both lost the same person, the loss affects each of you in a different way, and thus you are going to grieve differently.  For instance in the case of a couple who loses a child after it’s born, the loss is far different for the mother who carried the child for nine months than it is for the father.  Even though you both suffered the loss of a child the pain and grieving processes are extremely different.  Realize that.  Understand that.  Let each person grieve in their own way and in their own time.  Nobody grieves the same.