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Don’t stress yourself out

It is so pointless to get ourselves all worked up and stressed out about things we cannot control.   And yes, we do stress ourselves out.  No one, and no one thing puts stress on us.  We are totally responsible for imposing stress on ourselves.  Stop it now.  Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Analyze things.  Control what you can and let the rest fall where they may.  Then, rinse and repeat.  DON’T STRESS, DON’T STRESS, DON’T STRESS!!!!!


Cherish every day

Nothing in this life of ours is guaranteed.  Including, how much time we have here.  Life is precious.  It can be short…shorter than any of us realized.  Get up every single day and choose to live life to the fullest.  Live every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day full out and without regret.   Live like tomorrow may not come for us.  It just may not.


Do what makes you happy

This is your life you’re living every day.  Why in the world would you not do what makes you happy.  We may have others that we need to consider when making decisions that concern our lives, but in the end it is OUR LIVES.  Do what is going to make you happy.  Others don’t need to live your life.  You do.  So live it on your terms and by your rules.  Get out there and rock your life.  You rock.


Love yourself everyday

Love should not be one day a year.  Especially when it comes to ourselves.  We have to live with ourselves, our skin every day of the year.  We need to love ourselves first and always.  Once we do that, then we can show love to others.  We need to give and receive love from others.  We have a need to feel loved by others.  Not however at the expense of loving ourselves.  Go ahead.  Get your self love on.


Don’t bury your head in the sand

We run from things and bury our heads in the sand because we don’t want to deal with them.  But as we run, all it does is exacerbate the situation.  Don’t let situations break you down.  Face them head on.  Tackle them like a pro.  Feel the sense of accomplishment.  Realize how much more equipped to handle any other thing that life throws at you now.  There’s nothing you can’t handle.  You got this this.  Now pull your head out of the sand and go get it.


Strength is more than physical

If you find yourself the lone tree, so to speak, standing in the forest after a disaster, It’s going to take a lot more than just physical strength to get through it.  You need to be emotionally tough and mentally strong.  You must have fa great mindset.  Find strength where you can and never let your mind falter.  Let no one knock you down, and if they do, get right back up.  Stand tall.  Be strong.  Be tough.  Persevere.  The only muscle you need to be strong is your mind.


Accentuate the positive

How we come through things depends largely on what we see in the event that happens.  No matter how tragic, we have the choice (and it is a choice) to focus on all the negative aspects of the situation, or we can find and accentuate whatever positives there are.  No matter how bad, there is always a silver lining if we take the time to look for it.  Go ahead.  Take the time to find it.  It makes all the difference in how well you recover and come out the other side.


How you react makes all the difference

When stuff happens, we have the choice to make the best of a not so good situation, or we can lay on the ground like a toddler, yelling, screaming, kicking our legs, and throwing a tantrum.  I think the latter of the two doesn’t really achieve or accomplish much at all.  Of course it does create some embarrassment for everyone around.  Be the level headed adult that you are and make lemonade  out of lemons and smiles out of limes.  Don’t be the infant that nobody wants to be around.  It’s really not becoming on you at all,


Your health is your responsibility

You can talk to someone until you’re blue in the face, but you can’t help them if they don’t want to be helped.  That includes their health.  You can’t make someone eat the right foods, or walk every day, or workout, exercise, eat right, and get healthy.  Each one of us is responsible for our own health.  We have to make the decision to be healthy and then follow through with it.  Go ahead.  Get your health on.  You’re worth it.  Your significant other is worth it.  Your kids are worth it.  Your family is worth it.  They want you around for a long time, so get healthy, and stay healthy.


You are different and you are beautiful

How boring it would be if we were all the same.  We need to embrace all of our differences.  Be proud of all of our differences.  Be happy we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.  Get excited about our individuality.  It is your individuality, your own special personality, beauty, and uniqueness that makes you who you are.  Why would you want to be like anyone else?  Embrace yourself and who you are.  Embrace your beauty and flaunt it for the world to see.  Just do you.  It looks great on you.