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Carry gladness in your heart

You get to choose what you carry in your heart.  So why not choose happiness, gladness, and gratitude.  Don’t carry hurt, heartache, angst, pain, or bitterness.  For it is what you carry in your heart that determines how you see the world and everyone in it.  So go ahead.  Choose happiness and gladness over hurt and heartache.


Life is a roller coaster

The ups and downs are never ending throughout our lives.  Some ups are higher than others.  Some downs are lower than others.  Neither one of them lasts forever though.  When you hit those low points remember that it’s just part of a cycle and you will rebound and start the upturn before you know it.  By the same token, when you’re on that high, that uptick that is so exhilarating, hold on for the ride of your life.  Ride is hard, fast, and furious.  For it, like the down turns will not last forever.  Relish it while you can.


Don’t view yourself through the words of others

Your value, your self worth, your image of yourself should be determined only by yourself.  Do not ever let the views or words of others determine how you feel about yourself.  Only you have the right to do that.  Never forget how absolutely amazing you are.  Your beauty radiates from the inside out.  Your quirkiness is what makes you so unique and beautiful.  Never forget that.  Go ahead.  Travel to the beat of your own drummer.  Now that’s an amazing beat.


You are in control

Everything we do is a choice.  Including and especially our attitudes.  It’s a choice to feel happy, sad, angry, frustrated, mad, confused or anything else.  It’s a choice to react or not to react to what other people say or do.  It’s also our choice how we react.  Make the right choice.  Don’t let others push your buttons.  Your in control.  Stay that way.


Treat yourself like a friend

You must treat yourself equally as well, if not better than you treat your friends.  Always be a friend to yourself.  Do not say hurtful or mean things to or about yourself, just as you would never say those things to or about your friends.  You need to talk yourself up and be proud of you are and what you’ve accomplished.  And if you believe, others in turn will believe as well.  Go ahead.  Be proud.  Get your positive self worth on.  You deserve it.


Run naked through the house

Life is to short to waste a moment of it.  Every moment should be taken advantage of and lived with gusto.  Don’t go to bed at the end of the day wishing you had done something that you didn’t do.  Life is for living, not for wasting, or squandering, or wishing.  You have the power to make your life as thrilling or as dull as you want.  Go ahead.  Get your excitement on.


You’re already living your destiny

What is your destiny?   I don’t know.  It’s different than mine.  What I do know is that we are born into our purpose and our destiny.  That doesn’t mean we are born knowing what our purpose or destiny is.  But, we are born living it.  As we go through our lives day after day we touch countless people in ways we don’t even know.  It may take years for us to figure out what our impact truly is, but when it hits you, you’ll know it.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Keep making that difference.  You rock.


The storm is fierce, and so are you

Storms are not made for weathering them.  Storms are for dancing in.  The smell of the rain is so sweet.  Open the doors and windows and embrace it.  Don’t try and keep the storm away.  Don’t block it out.  Rather, go out and dance in the rain.  Turn your face upward toward the sky and let the rain pelt your face.  Soak it up.  Relish the feel of the rain on your body.  Show the storm that you will not melt.  Instead, you will dance in the rain.

Forgiveness isn’t about the other person

If you can’t learn to forgive you will never be able to heal.  Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting.  You don’t have to forget in order to forgive.  The thing is, you don’t want to go through each and every single day feeling, sad, angry, and bitter.  Forgiveness is the key to healing.  Get your forgiveness on and feel the power of healing.  Holy cow.  That is one amazing feeling.


Bad things happen to good people

Do not ever let the things that happen to you define who you are, or who you become as a person.  Bad things happen to all of us.  Even the best of us.  Bad things don’t make us bad people and should not define us.  We are inherently good.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this.  Sometimes people we don’t even know will judge us or talk about us when things happen.  Don’t let the words of people who don’t know us change the way we look at ourselves.  You rock.